Non Grata weeks and connections, only a portion of…

Over the last 2 weeks I joined close friends of mine, Non-Grata, for part of their tour around the US + Cuba & Mexico…  (I had to stop a little short, and only could stay through 2 weeks of the tour, not the month+ of the entire tour)

T’was amazing and quite beautiful, connections and continuous interactions, regardless of any stress and complexed situations (isn’t that what we are intrigued by, though?) . Also my first touring in many years now…

The first 2 weeks of the tour included:

Nov 7th event in Louisville with Ron Whitehead, Outlaw Poet 
Nov 8th Lafayette, Indiana at SPOT 
Nov 10 – 12 Anarchist Print Fair events in Defibrillator, Chicago
Nov 12 Fatherless Studio, Rockford, Illinois
Nov 14-15 Anarchist Print Fair in Norman, Oklahoma
Nov 17 event in Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC


As for next part of tour:

Nov 20-21 printing in Belton, Texas with Amazing Hancock Brothers
Nov 23 event in Houston, Texas, Club Notsuoh
Nov 24-25 Love School performance fest in New Orleans
Nov 26 Tallahassee 621 Gallery
Nov 28 Georgia

Dec 1st, opening exhibition in NYC Wild Embeddings Gallery
Dec 4 Roanoke, Virginia
Dec 6 Antifest, Birmingham Alabama
Dec 8-9-10 Miami Art Basel
Dec 11-15 Cuba
Dec 15-19 Mexico City
Dec 19 – 24 San Fransisco, Sacramento, Davis, California
Dec 25-26 New York

We’ll all be meeting up again in Dec in New York.                                                            Wonderful friends I do not see often, & multitude of new friends just discovered throughout these 2 weeks.



-Hereto some photos throughout the beginning 2 weeks.  Some from myself, some from others … (soon to be added)…  And of course to the galleries our events occurred in.


Louisville, Kentucky

Lafayette, Indiana

Chicago, Illinois

Norman, Oklahoma

Brooklyn, New York

Wonderful friends I do not see often, & multitude of new friends just discovered throughout these 2 weeks.

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