A true reality…?

What does a reasonable generality mean?


untitled, 2 previous sculptures combined

I know a bunch of you probably heard or read this before.  It just shows how the government and economists (esp. working for government) just want to make more money and push more for their companies they profit from/for.  They don’t give a shit if its killing people, animals, botany, or destroying our planet in general, they only care if they lose profit.

I would assume the majority of their opinions are based from older age’d, ignorant, and rich people who prefer to not go into detail, not explain negative aspects, no detail necessary (they might forget what they meant to say!), and forward their attempts to be the richest and most powerful people of our world.

Majority of world has lost recognition of equality and truly recognizable human, cultural, biological rights.  (and I can get more deeply into this regarding human lack of recognition of our ecological incongruence…)

We have come to a point where we don’t have any details of anything.  The bland portrayal of any ‘assumed news’ speaks of almost nothing.  The general human is now synchronized to animals living in a Zoo.

Can’t you recognize the government consistently brings up other unimportant aspects of our world for news?  Creation disregards for our true defuncts we are demanded to live by…?

It seems this has become a generalized function of life throughout middle, upper-middle class & beyond ≥ , especially in the most cornered and overpopulated regions of our world. (I’m definitely including New Jersey in this, as I do live in NJ, and its consisting daily)

The main basis of life has now come into a normalization of the idea of ‘crisis’ to a point where all feel ‘we live through consistent crisis’ and must be in a consistent preparation for even expansive crisis…  Yet just look at what you do, how you live in this country.  Essentially daily our lives are fine.  We make probably 1000x more money daily from the rest of the world. Yet we are over-controlled by those in even higher levels.  (aka commerce, heavy level business, supreme capitalist control, gentrified exponential governmental control & abstraction/renamed formats…  I can go on for hours on these.)

What used to seem as an occasional chaotic and horrid occurrence has now become regularized in daily news/media.  We are vastly generally worried, yet we are used to it now ‘being normal’;  this idea of something horrific occurring is just another normal day at this point.  We never can confirm true detail on consistent events, and different levels of bland terminology are what is attempted to blind us from true detailed examination.  Our world (or at least the western portion of this world, esp USA) are intentionally demotivating, and demotivation our perception and dulling our perspective.

Seems most see life as a movie, you don’t need to ‘pay’ attention, that would ‘cost’ you a minute of your already bland thinking.  Can’t you tell you already own at least 2-10x the amount of objects and supplies to handle daily life?
Do you really need 2+ cars? how many computers and TVs do you have?
Does your food rot so fast because you buy too much, and why would you bother?  Do you even recycle?  Do you pay too much for your presumed drugs that actually just make you more sick and need more drugs? Is traveling 5 minutes too long?  Yet, isn’t it a 5 minute walk just to get your car?  These are just simplified portions of our daily life that we forget about and have become so bland and normalized by now.

Whats the point of listening to a government when they are just another TV show?

Maybe some are actually attempting to return the government towards a true relation to the humans somewhat connected to…  I doubt this will move forward enough, maybe after our country is completely destroyed, or there is some magical event, or some other version of mental coup d’etat (thats pretty much working in reverse at this point in time though).

We’re already in… 5-10 wars at this point which the majority of our population has no idea about (thanks to government and control over news broadcast).  Occasionally we’ll hear reports of the US actually bombing after 100x more innocent civilians of the middle east, just because most don’t care of our governments cruel perceptive and ignorance of populations…  We want to rule the world and have the smallest portion of care, opinion and task.  ‘We’ – as in the self_presumed king, government,

IMG_2147.jpgand dulled down followers who obviously cannot contain a moment of attention and recognize the abuse from all angles on their slaves… Live the most cruel, bland, and incoherent perception of life.

Why can’t we live life without a prisoning government, the capitalist demand-normalized format, and lack of human recognition…?  – for what we follow down the foggy road of daily life, all just passing by our minds and bodies yet continues to dissolve and distort our brain and life  –  from a true reality in collaboration and congruence.

untitled, 2 previous sculptures combined

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