WILD EMBEDDINGS & Wild Torus: New Gallery, Brooklyn

Friday night twas a wonderful night.

The opening of Wild Torus’ new gallery in Brooklyn.

Meeting again with many good friends of mine from close around NYC and others from around the world.  I Myself DJ’d & performed in relevance.

Non_Grata had multiple extremely large scale prints on display, beautiful rather obscured prints with added layers from multiple regions and stops/collaborations throughout the country.

We were opened to a mixed conundrum of installations involving a large collection of uncooked goat heads signified, sculpted around us inside and outside, pulling over time into abstracted meals  (at this point in time as perspective from blandly gentrified northeastern US meal ideal) … Cooked by many, but of course with quite a basis from Geb, and I must say the meat was delicious.   Al came up to me during my performance and placed a tongue into my mouth.  Tasted much better than my immediate assumption, but I do love tongue.

I was rather surprised one of my best friends, Ahn, showed up only to create such a more flowing and gathering, expanding fluency of the night.  Ironically and quite productively her apt is only a few blocks from the gallery.

We hung out together for some abstracted reasons of meeting new others and venture off on tangents later and longer on and on and well, it was eventually time to sleep in the midst of morning.


as the intro/ad of the event’s notation goes, as the heading prior to event…

” Today in New York: Anonymous Boh / Multiverse Realities: Non Grata Print Exhibition plus performances
Wild Torus opening new space Wild Embeddings at 173 Jefferson Street Today, December 1st at 8 pm:
Legendary performance art collective Non Grata returns to New York City to showcase their never-before-seen print exhibition, with members from Estonia, Turkey, and Puerto Rico in tow. Further, there will be live performances by sex magicians, He the Moon She the Sun; alternative sound savant, Yang Shufan; trickster circuit bender, EUU; and US Marine turned conceptual artist, Danny Gonzalez.
NON GRATA (Estonia) These multi-layered prints are representing the outcome of the Non Grata World Tours in Asia, America, and Europe during the years of 2010 – 2017! Non Grata, also known as Diverse Universe, is a nomadic performance festival, uniting Performance and Live artists from all-across the World. Founded by Anonymous Boh, the aim is to bring experiments, non-conformism and creativity back to the contemporary art. In every city where Non Grata performed, somebody from world wide underground stars left his visual mark on the performance documentations – in front of objective, wood cut, screen printing, concrete human resource, memory- or handprint – New Orleans, Beijing, Oklahoma, Texas, Paris, Black Rock City – Burning Man, Miami, Faroe Islands, Berlin, New York! The result is haunting and intoxicating imagery that plays with whimsical notions of human idiosyncrasy. Who do we worship and why? Is it intentional or arbitrary? In each print the viewer is transported into another dimension, ruled by a masked maniac in a lost paradise. The impeccable craftsmanship is borne from an elongated process of fastidious printing techniques that integrate designs from notable artists around the world. As with Non Grata’s live performances, do not expect to be comforted by this art. Even placed on a wall, you will continuously receive subliminal messages from the hidden symbols of the artwork that gradually reveal truth.
“Anonymous Boh, via non-stop world tours, performances, exhibitions, and publications, has created one of the most representative, significant, timely and transformative art movements in all of history. As Ring Master, Boh has become the Wild Bill Hickok, the P.T. Barnum, the Alfred Jarry, the Tristan Tzara, the Ezra Pound, the Orson Welles of our Era. We have entered The Apocalypse, The Storm. Boh, implementing all The Arts via NON GRATA’S Diverse Universe global performances, reveals to us not only where we presently stand in The Storm but he also conjures visions of our soon to be realized post-apocalyptic absurdly playfully tormented kaleidoscopic landscapes.” Ron Whitehead, Outlaw Poet, Kentucky
HE THE MOON SHE THE SUN (Ecuador / Pennsylvania) The moon doesn’t have a light of his own. So he chose to reflect light that the Sun shown. Warm the faces, of the children in the night time. ‘cause her light are the words, but only in the night do they rhyme. Let’s sing along, in the dark, until the sun hears, from all our hearts. Astral Bodies from near and far, gather round now to see the star. They sit silent, to watch her burn, but we’re here singing, the earth to turn.
YANG SHUFAN (Taiwan) is a rocker-turned female noisician from Taipei, having participated in multiple bands such as KbN, Go Chic, Yello Cult Company, Floaty, Heavy Egg Hell Dog as a guitarist, a bassist or a violinist. Throughout different genres of music, improvisation stands at the core of her musical expression. In recent years, she’s turned to no-input mixer improvisation for more unpredictable possibilities of sound.
EUU (Poland /New Jersey) pronounced ‘U’, Long vowel – Analog Modular Synthesis. Often creating complex, semi-automatic, discreet, progressively long ambient/reverse sound. Consistent recording and performance bares Euu from the initiated time of pain, torture, paralysis & overwhelmed drug integration. Holding disability inward as possible, and here may be my extension. -sound, performance, installation, & etc artist.
DANNY GONZALEZ (Oklahoma/Puerto Rico) Drawing inspiration from nature and ancient spirituality, Gonzalez travels the world to create performative rituals that are soothing yet perverse. “My journey is one of persecution, battles both internal and external. Its about the ability to dust yourself off and pursue you passions at any cost.”
Performative Drinks by Hulkur Bar (Estonia) Kaspar brings you the best tasting experience with a few simple moves, adding a smile with a shimmering cloud of happiness.

ng wt gallery opening

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