I’m having much difficulty with politics

Here is a 2 part discussion from ‘DemocracyNow’ on the dangerous situance consistency we ‘somehow’ bare through with our current president ‘Donald Trump’.  Recognized by a large number of Doctors, especially Psychiatrists, more than half of us in this country (and not even including others around the world)  are overwhelmed and in worry of our consistently horrifying (and yet worried themselves) government holding over us and an incomprehensible future…

I took some time before posting this, but there have been a consistent fluency of news and people reports on our president’s disorientation, and seemingly his possible dementia.  I agree with the majority of this.  Ironically I have family members with dementia that act overly similar to him.  In a way its rather understanding because of their governmental ideologies and demanded republican (far right), capitalist, and stock market based life set.  An extreme inability to look past a title, and overly withheld mindset; which are both too similar.

“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”: Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee on Growing Mental Health Concerns

“There are Thousands of Us”: Mental Health Professionals Warn of Trump’s Increasing Instability

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