On Away…

I’m in the midst of moving into Brooklyn at this point.

its been a rough month, and will be another to come.  It’s a major reason why I haven’t updated/written much over the past few weeks.

It’s truely progressive and enlightening for a final decision to move here.  I know why I bothered to stay in NJ for so long, but it’s been too many years of massive tension and confusion that has held me back.

2 weeks left to fully move a small increments of my necessity of belonging, and I must divide and hand over an overhelming amount too easily developed in a short period of life in a bland open space.

I already miss my closest friends yet we are still so close of a distance I hold no worry, but this location is a necessity to move my life forward and actually live consistantly as for what I bear my life and time towards.

Soon when I fully have moved and base here, I will also consistently forward my basis with this blog.

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