i did move.


whats a capital letter?

i live in ny now. in brooklyn.

already much more activity much more work and much more coincidental interactions that i have wanted my life to live through.  this is somewhere i can leave my house, alone, and comfortably walk on a random tangent down roads for hours and discover numerous places i actually have some curiosity in visiting.  a suburban home is not what holds my future in place, its what dissolves me into a lack of reason and lack of trust to follow through, at least in a city i can transport my own self through trains and buses to arrive almost anywhere, generally faster than someone thats in necessity to drive their automobile.  this is all just simplistic thoughts and view points of living in an urban civilization.  i can survive in a region like this, even with its vast complexity and major dynamic differentials of all humans.  the fact of there being such a massive amount of humans existing here just brings closer the possibility of humans i can find relative and similarity with.  plus NJ is such a shitty state. luckily the government there has finally reformed, post the whole chris christie turmoil.  regardless why should that bubble on in my mind?  its irrelevant.  heres my new home.  at least momentarily.

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