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It has now been a decade anniversary of
‘You Dont Like It’.


Joseph Sledgianowski translates through a basis of sound, performance and other actual physically assembled mixed media artworks. He prefers an interaction between multiple medias as a deeper perspective and correlation to translations and ideas, reasons, expressions and possibilities. Depending on time and basis other medias are used, other representations and translated mentalities & realities meet. A mass of works are based through time and perspectives of time and alterations of perspectives. A semi-philosophical and semi-realistic analysis and release of mentality abstractions between humans, no true equality and ‘base’ for all. We don’t live in an equal world, none of us are the same people. For many our own selves are not the same as we perceive, nor function as assumed we ‘suggested’. These last few year have been explorations in translating my own mind & perception towards others, and us all to recognize how often difficult attempts to translate words and sentences to others of the same time and language. Time isn’t as simplified as we assume, and we can forget all too easily. Do not doubt this idea being brought up as most of human life walks down t, all has a movement and simplification from an exacted moment/ situation. Whatever is happening, whatever we can recognize and accept and note of in our own minds, is all still based on a conditioning, a timing and spacing and reasoning for our own selves to recognize (if possible) and transform and translate between others and our own selves. Much of this right now is overly instigated between my attempts at remembering and touching and translating through a computer to correlate and describe what is meant. All can be conceived as ‘time-based’ yet not just the 4_D of our living, its our own memory, our own storage, our own capacity, and our own regrets and departments and avoidances that overtime may become nearly automatic for our perspectives, and yet deteriorate into mists and crumbs in such complexity to recognize, reassemble and assure. Prime numbers, individuality, complexities and intentional misconceptions hold a basis to finally recognize at a massed differential. An established, eventual repetition & a dividend onward. Much of this is based from harshness and complexities to live on, including health and mental situations, misconceptions, disability and brain surgeries. To live on past multiple stages and turning points throughout a life is just a changing of set and new adaptation we must discover. His capability to adapt is the release and translation through the artworld.

___________   Joseph Sledgianowski lives in Brooklyn, NY.

A life up and down.

A story of My Life 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and on . . .

‘You Dont Like It’ started early 2007, just post my discovery of epilepsy and release from a 6 week long stay @ at hospital in Boston, MA, during one of the harshest experiences of my life.

This was all started as a coping way to hold myself together and concentrate after my discovery of epilepsy.

The first release, ‘Euu – PhenobarbitaLyrica’, was the starting point and my capability to express myself through the distortion of life after this traumatic discovery for the rest of my life.

After moving back to Boston, ≈ 6 months later I had opened more again and started collaborating more and releasing some albums for others also.  Although I handled through 7 years of this, there was no control over my epilepsy. 

Eventually I moved back to New Jersey, losing contact with many, living in a more complex and harshened situation, and seizures exponentially increasing. I wasn’t able to release many albums for others create much art or really interact with many others. (aside from one of my closest and best friends – Mr Stefan Walz, who has really helped me live on.) We have aided each other in such an exponential way and really help balance each others lives. I can mention a few others, but I’ll save that for later. 

During this whole time period I came to a horrid point of ‘not knowing what to do anymore’ and accepted my Doctors’ continuous, many years suggesting of having a brain surgery to ‘dispose of my epilepsy’ and ‘heal me in some way’…
I went through it all, once again almost died multiple times, went through many surgeries, and inevitably it was actually an extremely negative surgery and really ruined a lot of my life/mental & physical function…
The only positive thing of such a horrid alteration of my life has been continuous aid from my family, and close friends. and of course me legally becoming ‘disabled’…

Back into the ‘You Dont Like It’ life…

So far I’ve released ≈ 40 albums, (some of which I cannot even remember, or not included #’d, also with short term memory problems, more seizures, and constant hospital revisits distorting my general life)

I’m now finally back into releasing more and more albums and would like to continue releasing more and more albums and move forward.

I would also soon like to release more collaborative works, and perform at more event.

I, myself, as many of you know & also have _ is a basis of life through my artwork, and through many different forms of art. My main basis being Sound and Performance art. But also work in Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Video, Writing … … … I’m a multi-basis artist.

I would like to thank all of my friends through out this entire world, especially my closest friends throughout the art world, anyone who has aided me, anyone who has helped me deal with some of the horrid situations from my health (sorry for that tedium! ) and also greatly thank my family. You have all actually helped me live.

All I can do is move forward, adjust, and live my continuum of the art world. As many of you also do.

We all move forward.  


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