WILD EMBEDDINGS & Wild Torus: New Gallery, Brooklyn

Friday night twas a wonderful night. The opening of Wild Torus' new gallery in Brooklyn. Meeting again with many good friends of mine from close around NYC and others from around the world.  I Myself DJ'd & performed in relevance. Non_Grata had multiple extremely large scale prints on display, beautiful rather obscured prints with added… Continue reading WILD EMBEDDINGS & Wild Torus: New Gallery, Brooklyn

Euu – Floor Fly Cast Fellon Cyst Typo

  EUU Floor Fly Cast Fellon Cyst Typo c90 25 copies you dont like it #22 *************** ... Side A FFCFCT 1- Floor 2- Fly 3- Cast 4- Fellon 5- Cyst 6- Typo An intentional automatic modular synthesizer creation. Set up to a complex assumption of direction, activity and generation over time. Each of these "tracks"… Continue reading Euu – Floor Fly Cast Fellon Cyst Typo

Euu: Desctonace Moisten Rhyme Desk Conguence

Euu: Desctonace Moisten Rhyme Desk Conguence   1 = moisten desk rhyme 5 desctonace 2 = moisten desk rhyme 1 desctonace 3 = moisten desk rhyme 4 desctonace 4 = moisten desk rhyme 2 desctonace 5  = moisten desk rhyme 3 desctonace 6 = moisten desk rhyme 6 desctonace This album was a short exploration between… Continue reading Euu: Desctonace Moisten Rhyme Desk Conguence

Non Grata, Photos of First Two Weeks

First two weeks of our Non Grata US tour November 5 - 18   Louisville, Kentucky Cook Studio & Gallery Lafayette, Indiana   Chicago, Illinois Norman, Oklahoma   Brooklyn, New York November 6 - 18, 2017.      Twas a wonderful two weeks.  Unfortunately I had to cut out early from the rest of tour,… Continue reading Non Grata, Photos of First Two Weeks