I’m having much difficulty with politics

Here is a 2 part discussion from ‘DemocracyNow’ on the dangerous situance consistency we ‘somehow’ bare through with our current president ‘Donald Trump’.  Recognized by a large number of Doctors, especially Psychiatrists, more than half of us in this country (and not even including others around the world)  are overwhelmed and in worry of our… Continue reading I’m having much difficulty with politics

WILD EMBEDDINGS & Wild Torus: New Gallery, Brooklyn

Friday night twas a wonderful night. The opening of Wild Torus' new gallery in Brooklyn. Meeting again with many good friends of mine from close around NYC and others from around the world.  I Myself DJ'd & performed in relevance. Non_Grata had multiple extremely large scale prints on display, beautiful rather obscured prints with added… Continue reading WILD EMBEDDINGS & Wild Torus: New Gallery, Brooklyn