Sound art has developed over time towards the major basis of my artwork.   Even if I am working on sculptures, installations, or performance art pieces I generally have a rather specified sound construct for the piece/event/situation/on going/etc. 

Most of my sound is performed through my modular synthesizer. Occasionally with tape machines (cassette & reel to reel). I go through many experiments in sound though, much trying to abstract time/ offset repetitions, representing feeling and constant mind/mental disruptions. Almost all music/sound/recording is analog.

Inevitably much music or art in general of mine is representation of my life basis, living a harshened life dealing with epilepsy and multiple failed neurological surgeries. A consistent stress and anxiety of and for life is a basis and not ironically a disfunction for life in continuum.

Previous releases of mine:

Euu – Floor Fly Cast Fellon Cyst Typo

Euu – Con- Cephalo- Enti-

Euu: Desctonace Moisten Rhyme Desk Conguence


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