Euu – Floor Fly Cast Fellon Cyst Typo



Floor Fly Cast Fellon Cyst Typo
25 copies
you dont like it #22

Side A

1- Floor
– Fly
3- Cast
4- Fellon
5- Cyst
6- Typo

An intentional automatic modular synthesizer creation. Set up to a complex assumption of direction, activity and generation over time. Each of these “tracks” are just parked points of the continuation of the 45 min recording (post uploading to computer).

I had no interaction with the album creation aside from; initial patch of modular synthesizer, connection with mixer, consistent recording to tape, & then upload to a real ‘digital’ computer.


Side B
Reanalysis of FFCFCT (side A)
Each b-side of tape is created through continuation in different perspectives relative to time and alternations during the consistent rerecordings of side A and previous side B.
Often (consistent)time change and altered starting points and complexity of noticing repetitive setting differentials.

All copies have same side A
All copies have different side B



Original Base (A) Recording – January / 27 / 2016
Original (B) Recordings – July & August / 2016
released August 13, 2016

YDLI (you dont like it) tape/experimental based label

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