euu – dial non dalmation-

A new album released just this morning.


(about 3 am I believe)

I still feel I haven’t slept enough, but I’m rather consistent in awakening to feel I hadn’t deeply relaxed and recognized a new start up of new day!  Thats probably relevant to me awakening just later through the same day I feel asleep during.  I’m not one for the generalized timing; awake ≈ 5 – 7 AM,  asleep ≈ 8 – 10 pm…   That just doesn’t make sense, I live more on an opposite basis.  I can’t follow amongst a general working class time period.

So this album…  I cannot remember the exact start of it.  I believe there was an in-between point of me very efficiently uploading/transferring many previous long recordings from tape (all of modular synth patching and field recordings).  Eventually finding them again through my computer, under a long list of analog-to-digital transfers  ( I have more than I realized ) and deciding on a few to reconstruct and move forward with.

Most of my analog recordings are single straight forward recordings from my modular synth.  All rather long, no cut off points.  Honestly, I do prefer if I can be as analog as possible, but it has become too difficult of a time to stay consistent in so.  I was luckily given a rather good quality analog to digital converting device by ‘Presonus’ a few months ago and have gone off on tangential days of transferring multiple older recordings.

This year I’ve been working more into comprehension of digital/computer based electronics/music work.  I’ve known of programs and how to do much of this for over a decade, I just never wanted to.  of all of them Iäd honestly prefer if I still had Max/MSP for its complexed and confusing structure of so, it seems similar to working between a modular synth and writing sound like writing a computer through coding.  A very complexed structure and basis, completely open, but you have to find and form ways to follow through and just create a sound.

I do have some ‘decent/large programs’ for sound work but I never use them.  It seems like I’m in a ‘baby’s carriage’ trying to touch a wall with drawings of TVs… I mean many of them have actual images of gear, multiple brands/types of effects and synths and other gear… but I can’t hold one in my hand, I can’t turn 2 knobs in different directions at once, I have to scroll across the computer screen to remember what kind of gear I have laying there ‘in my studio’…  Yes I know, there are plenty of ‘different’ sound programs…  But I prefer the physical object.

Actually as for computer_based sound/music programs – I have more than I originally realized.  I just went back through all of it… I have: DSP Quattro, Adobe Soundbooth, Ableton Live, NanoStudio, PD-Extended, & Supercollider.  Also Garageband, & Audacity, & a few more probably.  Honestly, I prefer to use Audacity.  Its rather minimal, I don’t feel like I added a new job to start work at, blah blah blah.  I’m still capable of decent transfer analog -> digital if needed, there are some effects that sound interesting, and the program looks (and is) minimal, yet doesn’t look like a balloon party or a children’s playland.

(Also… this is a new computer for me, a good friend of mine gave to me.  He’s a great musician, but based more/or exploring more in depth into digital programs,  but still using external gear also though! )

So as for my original subject that I went off in tangent from just prior: —–>  The basis of this recording was started earlier this year.  I believe between June – November ?   I liked some portions, a major basis of sound it holds, but there were points I felt uncomfortable with.  it wasn’t deep and dark enough.  At certain points I felt I was in a circus.   (I’m not a big circus fan)  (& wow, I’m bringing up circuses quite much today)   So I transferred these original recordings… I cut them up a big, and alternated the positions/ placement throughout.  I added more layers, and made sure I had separate layers for L/R…  Much of the album (only 2 tracks)  is created through taking later or earlier portions of the original and alternation positioning.  There is no exact fluent 1-10.  ( similar to how a previous album is correlated,  _ ‘Euu – desctonace moisten rhyme desk conguence‘.  The timing and organization doesn’t really matter.  I prefer when there is no exact copied order, that actually feels uncomfortable for me, and just as bland following.  The numbers are an offsetting of comprehension of it, an intentional miscomprehension yet will 1-10 be what is correct or the original basis?  An order is a bore to me and a controlled fluency to me.   So with ‘Euu – dial non dalmation- ‘,  there is a consistence of inconsistence.  timings changed, %s offset, pieces moved throughout the order, parts reversed, then effected then parts of the reversed points  re-reversed in lesser or longer sections, much is just to establish so miscomprehension in and out of complexities and correlations to life, and irrelevancies that can for some reason repeat in your mind for almost no point.  Why do you remember this silly small detail of a moment from a time of the past, yet the whole night(or day) meant nothing and was extremely unimportant to you…?  And sometimes that small recognized point can enlarge and product its own pure reason and presumed comprehension of another point in life or ideas… A little dot in the rearranged overabundance of webbed memory changes your life.  And often you cannot remember why or when, but a little dot, a small memory can often mean more to you than your birth. Or your death. Or something else that someone may entitled as a more meaningful and influential creation of a point.  All is your own comprehension.

1: deman desk job


2: alda manc_




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