I have gone on and off in spells of writing along time, it comes to be a specified release point.  I have come to more an acceptance, many of us are overly complexed and cannot even comprehend our own want and need of an abstracted translation.  I cannot go aside from saying I’ve had a great deal of inspiration from artists of the beat generation and other artists of the mid-1900s.  Some of these works follow an over and overly consistent rearrangement that eventually seems like a poor translation of found objects, and some are just straight consistent writings of my own abstracted thought process…

These are some works over the last year.



Dict 01 remix

Dict 02 remix

Dict 03 remix

Dict 04 remix

Dict 10 remix

Dict 11 remix

Dict 14 remix

Dict 19 remix

Dict 20 remix

Dict 21 remix


.falc norse told.

falc norse told 01

falc norse told 03 

falc norse told 04

falc norse told 05

falc norse told 06

falc norse told 07

and more to come outward and onward.


+ more.

spoil words


numbers once


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