I started performance works in 2006.

A build up in main cities such as Boston and New York City, but have performed in multiple other spaces throughout this country and in Europe.

I ran/organized/collaborated a gallery/venue ‘Butcher Shoppe’ in my old home in Boston for 5 years.  Also ran a very small garage-spaced performance based gallery ‘Fnord Box’ in Boston with a close friend of mine.  (unfortunately the interior power line tore out, and we had to run from an exterior power generator, literally gas powered with a cable through a crack in the wall, and decided to cancel our ongoing situation there after only 6 months.)

The recognition of life’s recurrence  inevitable repetition, whether overtly relative, or the role as recognition offset intentionally as living may never span. And one leads to forgetting in recognition, of reasoning, of any credential life.

Incongruence comes, it reflects a difference between a person’s self-image and actual experience. Almost everyone experiences a certain amount of incongruence in their life.
according to Carl Rogers. It is rare for individuals to feel congruent in all areas of their life.