Euu: Desctonace Moisten Rhyme Desk Conguence

EuuDesctonace Moisten Rhyme Desk Conguence

Desctonace, Moisten-rhyme Desk-conguence


1 = moisten desk rhyme 5 desctonace

2 = moisten desk rhyme 1 desctonace

3 = moisten desk rhyme 4 desctonace

4 = moisten desk rhyme 2 desctonace

5  = moisten desk rhyme 3 desctonace

6 = moisten desk rhyme 6 desctonace

This album was a short exploration between multiple field recordings through offset angles around my home region, overlaid and interacting with a series of offset field recordings of my modular synth on a continuum through multiple rooms and distance throughout household.   eventually layered over, and rerecorded, and remixed, turning into a multitude of layers of abstractions and distance from their original disintegrated connections regardless.  In a way relative to our timely intersection and distance of memories and ideas over time coincidently attempting some storage in and out of our minds.  Much memory overlaps and disintegrates from the immediate realization of our reality, of our short term memory, post that immediate interaction into a cellar that reverberates and lacks a full comprehension of what we’ve lived and integrated through.

5 1 4 2 3 6


released: October 21, 2017




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